Furry Guys 0031

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Now we will asking another old fogy! Hеh… Well, come on, take up the phone, old fleasaur! Mornin, Joe!… What? Ya, I know, what's the time… We have noon, almost, and you?… Four AM? How is it so skidded you?… Where are you?… Heck, what have you forgotten there? A-ah, do not noise so!… Yourself such! Joe, I'm calling for work… Do not shout, I say! We lost Allem… yes. No… Yeah, that one. Fu, how rude. Tell me, do you know of any sensible exorcist?… Yes, on a constant. Uh-huh… Really? Awesome! If you make him a magic kick - I would be very grateful!

Выкладываю первую главу немного неравномерно быстро из-за параллельно публикации в другом месте…

Post the first Chapter a bit uneven quickly because of the parallel publication in other place…

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