Furry Guys 0024


But if seriously, Wind? Will we so easy remained without mentalist? I know, Houston! But Allem did not listen me tho', and to find new exorcist is very difficult now. Notedly after incident with SCW. In short, I will submit an application to the regional office, but I can't help you with anything else. Wait and pray that they will send someone to us.

В данной вселенной есть ММЭ - Межгосударственное Министерство Экзорцизма - часть системы, которая отвечат за сохранность, собственно, благосостояния мирных граждан. *ПКТ - Паук КруглоТкацкий.

In this universe there is MME-the Interstate Ministry of Exorcism-part of the system, which is responsible for the safety, in fact, the welfare of civilians. *PKT - Spider circular loom.

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