Furry Guys 0010

Something you are too happy for the accomplice of the shoal, for which we both will get a lot on the brains!


Simply thanks to him, I will see in life the expulsion of the steppe demon

Your hobby again?

Dan… You are not an exorcist, and you will never become an exorcist. This is a congenital “anomaly”


Then why don't you cope with this supernatural nonsense?

Alex, this isn't nonsense at all!
In our world there is so many various essences, including those that haven't been studied and unidentified - don't you want to learn more about them?

I know enough to do my job and not get into trouble. And for the rest there are exorcists…



Подробнее о самой аномальности экзорцистов - с последующих выпусках.

Read more about the abnormality of exorcists-with subsequent releases.

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